Tuesday, 30 May 2017

CORSAIR Launches Dust and Spill Resistant K68 Gaming Keyboard in India

Corsair®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the new CORSAIR K68 mechanical gaming keyboard. Continuing CORSAIR's commitment to mechanical keyswitch quality, the K68 uses 100% CHERRY MX LED-lit mechanical keyswitches, combining them with a per-key silicone rubber shield to make the K68 both dust and water resistant tested to an IP32 rating. Preserving all the mechanical touch and feel that has made CHERRY switches gamer's first choice, K68 also boasts per-key dynamic back-lighting and dedicated multimedia controls, allowing for simple customization and on-the-fly audio adjustment. CORSAIR K68 - ready for everything you, or your games, can throw at it.

It can happen to any gamer's setup. In a brief lull in the action you reach for a drink or snack, only for an unseen threat to suddenly appear on screen. As you instinctively reach for your WASD keys to respond, it's already too late to stop your falling snack or spilling beverage and the loss is often much greater than just a round, quest or mission. CORSAIR K68 was designed with those moments in mind, surrounding its CHERRY MX Red mechanical key switches with individual silicone rubber shields to allow spills to flow right through and keep dust and grime out.

While it's designed to survive action outside of the game, the K68 also has everything you need to enable a high-performance gaming experience. Per-key red LED dynamic backlighting is completely configurable using CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software, allowing gamers to choose from a wide-range of dazzling pre-set lighting effects, or download hundreds of user-made profiles. CUE also enables in-depth Macro support, allowing any key on K68 to be remapped to any other command or complex multi-function macros. Dedicated volume and multi-media controls put play, pause and skip at the touch of a button to minimize alt-tabs and interruptions, while dedicated windows-key-lock and lighting brightness buttons eliminate distractions or interruptions when you need to focus most.

Water resistant, dust resistant and made for gaming, K68 is mechanically tough.

100% CHERRY MX Red keyswitches: Gold contact CHERRY MX mechanical gaming keyswitches deliver the ultimate competitive advantage.
Dust and spill resistant: Help protect from accidents so your gameplay never has to stop.
Dynamic backlighting: Brilliant RED backlighting enhances the experience with virtually unlimited lighting adjustability.
Dedicated volume and multimedia controls: Adjust audio on-the-fly, without interrupting your game.
100% Anti-ghosting with full key rollover: No matter how fast your in-game actions are, every keypress registers correctly.
Fully programmable with CUE: Intuitive and powerful CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) enables sophisticated macro programming and dynamic lighting effects.
Windows Key lock mode: Stay focused and prevent accidental Windows and Context Menu key presses.

Price, Warranty and Availability     
Corsair K68 comes with the MRP of Rs. 12,599/- and is from mid June with Corsair India and its regional distributors carrying a warranty of 2 years.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

More than 70 Countries Affected by WannaCry Ransomware - eScan Customers are protected

WannaCry is also known as WannaCrypt WanaCrypt0r 2.0, Wanna Decryptor has affected more than 70 countries in an unprecedented attack which was launched on 12th May 2017.

Very recently Shadow brokers had leaked the US Spy agencies hacking tools and vulnerabilities and one of them was Eternal Blue exploit which relied on a SMB Exploit to hack into other connected / networked PCs in a network.

It is a common knowledge that when vulnerabilities exist and patches are made available, it is the onus of the Security Administrators to patch up the systems under their control. Microsoft has released the patch MS17-010 way back on 14th March 2017 to address this security threat and it has been proved beyond doubt that Security Administrators and the entire process of reviewing the laid down procedures for ensuring patch management has taken a severe beating.

eScan has been proactively protecting its customers from WannaCry Ransomware attacks using its in-house developed PBAE Technology. Moreover all of eScan products have critical patch management which implements the critical security patches; MS17-010 has been provided as an update globally. As a special one-off case, Microsoft has also released the update for XP and 2003 operating systems.

Also, it has been mentioned in news bulletins about the halt of this Ransomware because of a kill switch, there have also been unconfirmed reports about new variants, which have been released by passing this check.

  • Download and implement MS17-010 patch, which can be found over here https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx
  • Block executable files from being transmitted via eMails.
  • Isolate the affected system from your Network.
  • Restore the encrypted files from the backup or from system restore point (if enabled).
  • Install and Configure eScan with all security modules active.
    • eScan Real Time Monitoring
    • eScan Proactive protection
    • eScan Firewall IDS/IPS Intrusion prevention
  • Don't enable macros in documents received as attachments via email.
  • Do not open attachments if received from unsolicited source.
  • Deploy and maintain a backup solution.
  • And last, but most important, protection of Mail server at Gateway Level with Mailscan to prevent delivering of such suspicious emails
The information provided above will help you to protect your system from being victim of Ransomware. 

eScan Decimates Ransomware Hoax News

More than the actual attack of the WannaCry Ransomware, which held to ransom millions of computers and businesses worldwide demanding ransom to be paid in bitcoins worth $300 to unlock the data, it is the hoax now floating around social media to WhatsApp creating more panic among unaware users. The hoax messages range from not to use shopping sites, online banking to using ATMs as possible traps of the ransomware. eScan research team unravels the truth behind these hoax messages to bring you the truth behind the messages.

Here are some of the clarifications to ensure you do not fall prey to these texts:
  • RBI orders Shutdown of ATMs until they are patched and safe.
    • Status: Hoax
    • RBI has issued clarification that they haven't issued such orders.
  • Avoid using ATMs and Do not do any online transaction
    • Status: Hoax
    • Any computer system infected with Ransomware would display the message that it has been infected.
  • Don't do any online transaction. Don't open any Shopping cart.
    • Status: Hoax
    • Webserver infected with Ransomware would simply be not able to serve the pages. Shopping carts do not store Ransomware.
However, while browsing and downloading software make sure that these executable are scanned by an antivirus.
  • Except Africa all countries IT companies are hacked.
    • Status: Hoax
    • No explanations required cause its 100% fake news. Such events when IT organizations get hacked are published all over the internet, TV channels etc. These news pieces aren't just limited to your limited group of friends.
  • Dance of the Hillary video
    • Status: Hoax.
    • There is no such video existing
 We even received an advisory in our inbox which says:
  • Power off smart TVs, tablets, and every other smart device.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, tethering (also known as Hotspot) on your mobile phones.
  • Switch off your servers (or any other computers that you may leave on 24x7.
  • Disconnect LAN (network, CAT6, CAT5) cable plugging computers or laptops in the network. If it is a laptop, it may have a physical slide switch or button press to switch off WiFi card inside the laptop - Switch That Off.
  • if possible, wait for news from eastern world
    • Status: Hoax
    • This simply means that we should lead the life of an ascetic.
Keep the Antivirus Software active & updated on all your devices:
Status: 100% True.
  • Preferably buy a good antivirus, keep it updated, keep your operating system updated, take precautions, never divulge your personal information, are some of the things one should remember.

Keep all your important data in back up (if your system has an auto back option available, keep it as auto enabled)   

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nokia 3310 arrives in India!!!

The iconic Nokia 3310 is all ready for its second-time debut this week. The phone has been launched officially and will be available in stores from May 18 onwards.

Nokia 3310 is a revamped version of the original Nokia phone by HMD Global, the company that now manufactures and sells Nokia phones.

Interestingly, the feature phone will be priced at “recommended best buy price” of Rs 3310. Nokia 3310 will be in four colours – glossy warm red and yellow and matte dark blue and grey.

"Talk all day on a single charge, send texts, take pictures and enjoy a pocket jukebox with a built-in FM Radio and MP3 player. Our reinvention of this classic design is sure to make you smile. It's got everything you remember, but with a modern twist. So whether you're after a feature phone that offers amazing battery life in a head turning design or a companion phone, the Nokia 3310 won't let you down," Ajey Mehta, VP India, HMD, Global said.
The new version of the phone is slimmer than its predecessor.

Dimensions – It is a 115.6 x 51.0 x 12.8 mm phone and weighs 79.6 grams.
Screen - the phone will come with a 2.4 inch QVGA display
Battery – It will have 1200 mAh battery and boosts of standby time of up to a month. Maximum talk time on the phone is 22.1 hours.
Storage – It will have storage of 16 MB, which is expandable up to 32 GB.
Camera – It has a 2 MP rear camera with LED flash.
Sim – Nokia 3310 is a 2G-enabled phone with dual band – 900/1800 MHz. It is a dual sim phone.

The phone also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, FM and an in-built MP3 player. It has also ditched its pin charger and will have a micro-USB port.

Nokia was one of the most widely used phones globally during 200-2005. It had sold 126 million phones during the period. The model was discontinued in 2005.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ASUS ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced Gladius II, the successor to the popular ROG Gladius optical gaming mouse. Gladius II features an ergonomic right-handed design that is optimized for first-person shooter (FPS) games. It has an exclusive push-fit switch socket design for varied click resistance, and durable switches rated to at least 50 million clicks. In addition, it features a dedicated DPI target button for more accurate sniping, an advanced 12000 DPI optical sensor and ASUS Aura RGB lighting technology with Aura Sync support.

ROG Gladius II was designed with input from professional gamers to ensure the right look and feel. The result is a comfortable gaming mouse that’s optimized for FPS shooters and designed for right-handed gamers and all grip types. It features the ASUS-exclusive push-fit switch socket design that allows gamers to vary click resistance, and extend the lifespan of the mouse by replacing worn switches. Gladius II uses durable Omron mouse switches that are rated to at least 50 million clicks, and is bundled with an additional pair of high-quality Japanese-made Omron switches should gamers want a different click feel.

Gladius II has a DPI switch that allows for instant switching between two sensitivity levels. It also features a DPI target button: Holding the button down lowers the DPI for more accurate sniping or raises it for faster scrolling across the screen; default DPI settings return as soon as the button is released. Gladius II uses a high-end 12,000 DPI optical sensor to ensure the speed, resolution and accuracy needed for an optimal FPS gaming experience.

Flexible customization

ASUS Aura RGB lighting lets users choose from a palette of over 16 million colors and several preset lighting effects to reflect their own style and personality. They can synchronize the RGB lighting on ROG Gladius II with other Aura Sync-enabled products to complete the look of their gaming setup. Aura Sync lets users achieve perfect synchronized lighting harmony by pairing their Gladius II with ASUS motherboards and other compatible components; while quick and easy lighting synchronization between ROG Gladius II and ROG Claymore can be achieved with a press of the latter’s ROG Sync hotkey.

ROG Armoury software lets gamers adjust settings to suit their style. Gamers can customize Aura RGB lighting effects, adjust performance and surface calibration settings, program and map buttons, and create profiles via an intuitive interface.

Built for home or LAN parties
ROG Gladius II has a 2-meter braided cable for desktop use and a 1-meter rubber cable to take to LAN parties. A detachable cable design provides easy cable management and lets users pack Gladius II easily without having to worry about bending and damaging the cable. A special locking mechanism secures the cable in place, and a quick-release switch at the bottom of Gladius II releases the micro-USB cable with one swift movement.

Gladius II is bundled with an easy-to-carry ROG pouch for convenient protection and portability on the go.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Motorola HK255 and HK115 Bluetooth headsets launched in India

Shyam Telecom Limited, the exclusive brand licensee of Moto Companion Product Portfolio in India has launched Motorola HK255 and Motorola HK115 Bluetooth Headsets. These headsets are successor to last years Motorola HK 110 and Motorola HK 255.

Both the headsets come with TrueComfort technology and an easy to use control switches. They offer connectivity of more than 300ft from the connected smartphone. In addition, the headsets offer Integrated Multi Point Technology, using which 2 smartphones can be connected simultaneously with the Bluetooth Headsets. They come with built-in buttons to control volume, music and calls. Both the headsets offer more than 8.5 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time.

The HK255 supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) that offers turn-by- turn directions, ability to listen to music and more.The Bluetooth headsets are also supported by the Hubble APP for Android and iOS that enables tracking lost headsets on maps, battery management with easy visual indicators and more.

The Motorola HK 115 and Motorola HK 255 both come in black color and priced at Rs 1999/- and Rs 2499/- respectively.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor

Lenovo has launched a smart fitness band in the Indian market to compete with the likes of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the Fastrack Reflex band, as the Lenovo HW01 enters the market with the same price tag of Rs. 1999.

The Lenovo HW01 smart band tracks your steps, and it also has a heart rate monitor to actively track the heart rate, and there is a warning whenever you are overexerting yourself. The Lenovo HW01 smartband works in two modes: regular, wherein you can set the band to monitor your heart rate at pre-defined intervals of time throughout the day, and Sports Mode, where the band automatically detects your heart rate every 15 minutes. More importantly, it vibrates when your heart reaches the designated threshold. This is your cue to slow down and go easy on yourself.

The band also has the anti-sleep mode that will let you know and wake you up if you are sleeping outside of the regular time zone of sleep. This mode alerts you of concentration loss or dozing while driving or working at night. The smartband will vibrate whenever you receive a notification on your phone and the band is connected to it. The other features include Social sharing, Selfie, and Music Control.

The sensors that are provided in this band are Pedometer, 3D acceleration sensor, dynamic heart rate sensor, and there is an OLED display on the band. It is a water resistant band and the users can connect to the band from their Android phone or iPhone.

The company claims that the battery will stay good for about five days when it is always connected to the phone, and the connectivity is through Bluetooth low-energy.

Corsair Ties Up With Abacus Peripherals for PAN India Distribution

The appointment to increase Corsair's presence and collaboration offerings in more cities

Corsair®, a leading global provider of gaming solution products, recently appointed Abacus Peripherals for distributing its widerange of products throughout India. This strategic partnership will enable Corsair to strengthen its position and cater to customers' expectations effectively. As a part of Corsair's growth strategy, the company will tap on untapped potential customer base and opportunities in the Indian market.

With this announcement, Corsair is focused on reorienting its distribution strategy in India. The company plans to expand the business and penetrate the market even further banking on the Abacus' well spread network in more than 25 locations across India and serving over 2000+ channel partners.

Showing excitement on this alliance, M A Mannan, Country Manager, India at Corsair said, "We at Corsair, strongly believe that business/channel partners plays a vital role in the overall success. Having said that we are cent percent channel-driven and work closely with our distributor and dedicated channel/business partners. Also, the needs of the end-users are constantly evolving, so it's critical for us to have partners like Abacus who can understand end customers' needs and offer transformative solutions today and into the future."

"Corsair has experienced strong growth in Indian market in the past a few years. With Abacus's well connected network, reach, strong customer relationship and understanding of the gaming market and products we will be able to continue to build our customer base. Abacus is a valuable addition to our partner channel and it strengthens our capabilities across India," he added further.

"With over two decades of enthusiast-grade PC components and peripherals experience, Corsair globally is known for bringing in breakthrough and innovative technologies. Their commitment to quality and business has established them as one of the leaders in the gaming brand. We've planned to use our expertise and help Corsair build an increased customer base for its world-class gaming peripherals in India. We believe the top quality products from Corsair will prove to be a successful addition to our portfolio of products," said Vipul Modi, VP - Sales and Marketing at Abacus Peripherals.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Ambrane Launches BT – 8000 Bluetooth Speakers

Ambrane India introduces the best compact Bluetooth speaker, ‘BT 8000’ combining incredibly powerful and high quality sound with an integrated, music-synced light show. It brings the energy and fun of club experience to anyone on the go!

With conventional speakers, stereo sound can be heard in only a few "sweet spots" however with BT 8000 the speaker construction, includes precisely positioned drivers to provide a large, consistent sound field for outdoor listening.

Oval shaped, the speaker boasts the power and sound fidelity that has only been previously available in a speaker three to five times its size.Reinforced with 3600 mAh rechargeable battery, that facilitates users to play music for as long as 7 hours straight. With a range of 10m, the Speaker is powered with 10W speaker output that is loud and power-packed. Its unique construction comes with inbuilt amplifier that delivers minimal distortion with low frequencies.

The speaker sports wireless connectivity with smart devices and enables you to listen to your favorite tracks. The built-in microphone allows the speaker to be used to make and receive calls via a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone at the press of one button. To give you ultimate comfort and convenience, the speakers has Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to stream music directly from your gadgets supporting AUX Input and TF Card slot.

Speaking on the new addition among the Ambrane Audio category, Mr. Gaurav Dureja DirectorAmbrane India says, “Our newest is truly a masterpiece. Its compact enough that can fit in your bag, and loud enough to bring the right confluence of sound & light. We call it the ultimate portable party Speaker, with unconventional style & design

CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse - Ultimate Performance in the Palm of your Hand

CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware, today announced the immediate availability of the new CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB gaming mouse. Combining the latest in precision16,000 DPI optical sensor technology with unmatched comfort thanks to its trio of interchangeable magnetic thumb grips and ergonomic contoured shape, the GLAIVE RGB quickly adapts to match player's gameplay and grip, delivering a new level of comfort and precision. CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB - Winning never felt so good.

When it comes to gaming mice, there is no one-size-fits-all; some prefer a wider palm grip, others finger-tip control, with a wide spectrum of styles in between. GLAIVE RGB combines a sweeping contoured shape with three inter changeable magnetic grips, allowing it to adapt in seconds for a customized fit. Choose between smooth curves, a rubberized grip or a wide thumb rest to find your peak comfort, with each grip sculpted to put GLAIVE RGB's six programmable buttons within easy reach.

Equipped with the latest in ultra-high precision 16,000 DPI optical sensor for pin-point tracking and accuracy, GLAIVE RGB has the performance to match its comfort. A custom PMW3367 gaming grade optical sensor, developed for CORSAIR in partnership with PixArt, allows gamers to set sensitivity between 100-16,000 DPI native resolution, and anywhere in between with single DPI steps for the ultimate in precision sensitivity tuning. Save five custom DPI settings to GLAIVE RGB's 8MB of onboard memory, switch between them at a touch of a button and keep on-top of sensitivity with a dynamic DPI display - a glance is all it takes to know if GLAIVE RGB is set for high-speed twitch response or pixel-perfect accuracy. OMRON switches continue the commitment to performance, with ultra-fast response and industry-leading reliability rated up to 50 million clicks, while an ultra-fast 1000Hz/1ms USB refresh rate ensures every move and click registers when it counts; instantly.

With three-zone programmable dynamic RGB lighting, GLAIVE RGB lights up the desktop as players light up the scoreboard. With logo, side bar and front lighting zones customizable in Corsair Utility Engine (CUE), choose from a host of amazing preset lighting profiles, download hundreds of user-created lighting schemes, or synchronize the lighting with any CORSAIR RGB keyboard to make the mouse your own. CUE also unlocks in-depth macro control, allowing any of GLAIVE RGB's six buttons to be fully remapped, not just to mouse or keyboard commands, but to complex multi-function macros, all stored in onboard memory and accessible from any PC without the need to install software so GLAIVE RGB is ready to play as soon as you are.

CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB - Winning never felt so good.

Contoured shape: Designed so you can game longer without fatigue.
Custom, gaming grade 16,000 DPI optical sensor: Ultra-accurate and high-speed tracking engine. Native 16,000 DPI resolution, settable to One DPI steps, can be custom tuned to virtually any type of mouse pad.
Interchangeable thumb grips: Choose between three thumb grip styles for a tailored fit.
Onboard profile storage: Saves lighting effects, macros and DPI settings for universal access to your profile on any PC, without the need for drivers or additional software.
Surface calibration tuning utility: Optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface.
High-performance Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks: Custom tuned for gaming, providing an ultrafast response and reliability over time.
Dynamic multicolor three-zone backlighting: Customizable RGB backlighting immerses you in the game by providing nearly unlimited lighting adjustability.
Aluminum scroll wheel with rubber grip: Ensures solid response and accuracy.
Ultrafast 1ms lag-free game play: Supports up to 1000Hz/1ms refresh rate for a near instant response to your movements.

Web Pages
For more information on CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB, please visit

Download images of CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB at

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

CORSAIR Launches New Carbide Series SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case

CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, high-performance gaming hardware and PC components today announced the newest addition to the Carbide series of mid-tower gaming cases, the CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-04. With unmistakable styling, a large tinted side panel window and roomy interior, the Carbide Series SPEC-04 is ready-to-build a system as bold as it looks.

With it's a symmetrical, hard-edged exterior, the SPEC-04 is ready to stand out, with three different color options to match your system, Black and Yellow, Black and Red or Black and Grey. The angular styling isn't just there for looks, it hides a side-mounted front panel equipped with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports and a huge ventilated section to provide excellent Direct Airflow Path airflow.

Whichever color you choose, the SPEC-04 offers the performance to back up its looks, with a pre-installed 120mm LED-lit front intake fan and room for up to five fans; two 120mm or 140mm in the front, two 120mm in the roof and one 120mm in the rear. Fill each slot with a CORSAIR AF, SP, ML or HD series 120mm fan for maximum airflow, or fit any 120mm CORSAIR Hydro Series liquid cooler for watercooled performance. What's more, with both front-intake and PSU dust filters, the SPEC-04 is equipped to keep your system clean, as well as cool.

Inside the SPEC-04 is packed with a host of builder friendly features to make your next gaming PC build as easy as possible. ATX, MATX and mini-ITX motherboard support is accompanied by seven expansion slots and room for GPUs up to 370mm in length, so while you might agonize over that next system upgrade, you won't have to worry about whether it'll fit. Expansive storage mounts accommodate up to three 3.5in HDDs and two 2.5in SDD's, while multiple cable routing cutouts and tie downs make for easy cable management to keep your build looking spacious and uncluttered.

Designed to deliver the striking styling, great airflow and wide compatibility of modern gaming PC cases within the reach of any system builder, the CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-04 is bold and ready to build.

Angular exterior design with large, tinted side panel window: The asymmetrical, hard-edged design adds bold styling to your build.
Room up to for five 120mm fans: Tons of room for excellent cooling potential with one 120mm front fan pre-installed.
Expansive storage space: Easy-to-use mounts for up to three HDD's and two SDD's.
Clean, side I/O panel: Featuring a high-speed USB 3.0 port and additional ports for all modern connections.
Cable routing cutouts and tie downs: Hide your cables behind the motherboard tray to keep your buildlooking tidy and out of the airflow path for improved cooling.
Removable, built-in dust filters: Added layer of protection will keep your components safe and running longer.
I/O Port: USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port, Headphone and Microphone jacks, Power on and Reset buttons.
Expansion slots: Seven
Maximum PSU length: 225mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 150mm
Maximum GPU length: 370mm
Drive bays: 3.5" - Three, 2.5" - Two
Dimensions (L x W x H): 492 x 201 x 433mm

Pricing, Availability Warranty
CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-04 with the MRP of Rs 5,499/- and is available from May 26th 2017 with Corsair India and its Regional Distributors carrying a warranty of 2 years.

Web Pages
For more information on the CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-04 please visit:

Product Images
Images of the CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-04 can be found at the link below

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Founded in 1994, CORSAIR supplies high-performance products purchased primarily by PC gaming enthusiasts who build their own PCs or buy pre-assembled customized systems. The company's award-winning products include fully assembled PCs,DDR4 and DDR3 memory, computer cases, PC cooling products, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, power supply units, USB flash drives, solid-state drives and system monitoring and control devices.

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