Monday, 31 July 2017

PNY Launches CS1311b SSD Speedy Performance on a Budget

Taipei, Taiwan, PNY Technologies (PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and flash memory products, is proud to announce the launch of the new CS1311b solid state drives. Targeting the sweet spot of price against performance, the CS1311b SSDs are 20 times faster than traditional hard drives, promising an affordable solution to boost your PC performance without breaking the bank.

The 2.5-inch form factor SSDs weighing only 35gms and having dimensions of 100 mm (L) x 70 mm (W) x 7 mm (H), can be installed in not only almost every notebook computer and Ultrabook, but even in regular desktop PCs, thus supporting an easy performance upgrade in a very wide range of computers. The absence of moving parts not only guarantees the safety of your data against mechanical shocks, but it also means cool and quiet operation. The very low power consumption easily translates into better battery life for notebook and Ultrabook computers.

Powered by the new 3D TLC NAND flash memory, the CS1311b SSDs sport the latest SATA III interface for fast data transfer speeds. The SSDs are available in storage capacities of 128GB and 256GB, thus ensuring that you no longer need to be worried about installing only the OS on this SSD to save valuable SSD space. The 128GB model exhibits fast 410MB/s and 510MB/s write and read speeds respectively, while the 256GB model boasts of incredible 510MB/s and 560MB/s write and read speeds respectively.

The PNY CS1311b SSDs come with full version of the Acronis software to easily and conveniently migrate your existing OS and data to the new SSD without having to reinstall the OS. With a rated MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 2 million hours, all PNY CS1311b SSDs are provided with a 3-year limited warranty. For more Information

About PNY Technologies

Founded in 1985, PNY has over 30 years' experience serving consumers, and professionals across the globe. Renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of USB Flash Drives, Flash Memory Cards, Power Pack / Portable Battery Chargers for smartphones and tablets, PC Memory Upgrades, Solid State Drives, Cables, Adapters, NVIDIA® Graphics Cards, PNY’s products are available in over 50 countries with 20 company locations spread throughout America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Proud partner of Nvidia for years, PNY is geared towards offering cutting edge technology as well as optimal support and constant commitment to their customers’ satisfaction.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Pebble launches Jukebox, a slim Bluetooth speaker

Pebble has announced the launch of Jukebox,  exclusively designed for music lovers, who can flaunt it on their palm, shove it in their pocket or fasten it on their rucksack. This launch is in the line with the company’s aggressive growth strategies, for bringing a fresh perspective to the Indian market through products that are packed with performance, visual appeal and powerful feature set.

Boasting an absolutely new acoustic design, the ultra-sleek speaker weighs just 145g which makes it pretty light and extremely portable. Pebble JukeBox is Bluetooth enabled and comes with an inbuilt microphone, which allows you to receive or make calls without disconnecting the Bluetooth connection. The in-box AUX cables let you to connect with any device so that the music never stops.

Commenting on the launch of the speaker, Komal Agarwal, Director Marketing, Pebble said: “We always believe in the perfect quality and lifestyle design. Pebble Jukebox is the best entertainment device on the offer that enables you to carry music wherever you go. The compact modern design, high-quality sound, affordability and convenience will make it stand out among premium Bluetooth speakers available in the market today.”

The 3W speaker produces powerful sound with a heavy bass and is equipped with an external memory card to store endless playlists. It sports rechargeable batteries, which gets pumped up in mere minutes ensuring uninterrupted music on-the-go for five hours.

With up to 10 meters Bluetooth mobile range, Pebble Jukebox does not restrict movement as it frees you to move around. Available in a vibrant and classic mix of blue and black, the speaker is affordable priced at MRP of Rs. 1199 and can be purchased from and the other eCommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

PNY’s XLR8 Gaming Series will hit the Asian market in the 2nd half of 2017

PNY Technologies (PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and flash memory products, is ready to take on the gaming industry by storm with the launch of the Gaming Series to Asia market. The PNY Gaming Series offers best-in-class PC components to deliver gaming performance ranging from affordable to the most intense for die-hard gamers. Scheduled to be released in the 2nd half of 2017, the product categories will include gaming grade graphics cards, SSDs, and PC memory products that promise to deliver the competitive edge advantage in PC gaming.

PNY Gaming Series comprises the following three product categories:

NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 10 Series Graphics Cards – The graphics cards range starts from the low-profile GT 730 PCI-E 2.0 series that can fit in very small form factor PC chassis to provide a powerful computer upgrade, to the new GeForce GTX 10 series meant for full size PC case for unleashed gaming performance. If that doesn’t satisfy you, PNY accelerates all the way to the no-holds-barred extreme XLR8 gaming series, factory overclocked graphics cards. Featuring the latest NVIDIA Pascal architecture, the XLR8 series is packed with extreme horsepower for gaming enthusiasts ready to take on new games in 4K and VR.

PC Memory Upgrades – PNY offers PC memory upgrade solutions to enable peak performance, low latency, and power consumption, with extreme overclocking settings. PNY presents the Anarchy DDR3 1866MHz (PC3-14900) CL10 (BLUE) desktop memory available in 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB). Pushing the performance further is the premium Anarchy X DDR3 2400MHz (PC3-19200) CL11 (RED) 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) to take your PC performance to the next level and help you destroy the competition.

Solid State Drives –Primed for gamers, the PNY SSDs boot in no time and load huge levels of the latest, most demanding PC games in a jiffy. Games locking up due to disk thrashing are a thing of the past because of the lightning fast speeds of PNY SSDs with no mechanical moving parts. The PNY SSDs are the best and it makes the installing, booting, dying and reloading in games a faster and smoother process and gives the maximum out of the gaming expereince. No need to worry about space constraints due to the huge amount of storage demanded by the latest games anymore because PNY SSDs come in comfortably large storage capacities. PNY’s extended range of SSDs guarantee high speed computer storage with high performance and rock solid stability as well as low power consumption and a wide range of storage capacities with 5 SSD products. The PNY CS2030 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD with 240GB/480GB capacities is the extreme performance line of PNY SSDs available in the tiny M.2 form factor popular with many of the latest laptop computers. If you thought that SSDs are meant only for use inside computing devices, PNY makes you think again with the ultra-compact Elite Portable SSD offering portable storage up to 480GB, sporting a fast USB 3.0 interface for blazing fast transfer speeds up to 480MB/s, all in a stylish aluminum housing. This blazing fast portability allows you to easily and quickly share your high definition games and game videos with your friends. PNY’s extended range of SSDs guarantee high speed computer storage with high performance and rock solid stability as well as low power consumption and a wide range of storage capacities. All PNY SSDs are validated across applications and environments to ensure they meet the highest quality, reliability, and durability criteria.

For more information, please Check out PNY website:

1More introduces Piston Fit In-Ear headphones with MIC in India

1More a premiere consumer electronics audio company headquartered in San Diego, California has launched Piston Fit In-Ear Headphones with MIC in India. 1More Piston Fit In-Ear headphone is one of the best under Rs.1000 price point.1More collaborated with internationally acclaimed Grammy Award Winning producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist’s intended sound.

In order to give the cold aluminum smooth distinctive personality, 1MORE applies precision metal crafting, to allow simple lines sketched out of trumpet-shaped sound chamber appearance. It has a  lightweight, compact design and naturally into everyday life. For more fitting experience, the front acoustic tube adopts a 45° degree in-ear design, Balanced size of ear tip is obtained based on a large number of canal medical data ,tried and tested by over a hundred people, to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

Lightweight headphones are able to offer sonorous rhythm, based on the aerospace metal composite diaphragm from the speaker unit. Utilizing lightweight aerospace metal and flexible PET material, presenting finest details, dynamic rhythm, put it on, let the inspirational music continues. It has 32Ω low impedance design, plug and play featureSmartphone,iPod,iPad,iPhone anytime on the music when plug it on. It has a Single button controlsimplified operationsupport call answering, call ending, call rejecting and music play, pause functions. Buttons with rigorous testing process, rapid feedback pressing, able to withstand 100000 times of strike.

The headphone cable is wrapped by Kevlar fibre, which is a form of body armor materialtough and durable, Tensile and pulling resistance, convenient storage. External part of cable is wrapped up with skin-friendly TPE material, effectively reduce the friction caused by the wire and clothing friction sound, which makes listening enjoyable. 80% of the sound chamber is made of aluminum alloy, CD lining surface, highlighted drilling, hand-cut resistance C angled with 20 multi-channel precision metal craft,anti skid & scratch, leaves no fingerprints. Anodized metal surface, long-lasting paint and safe. Lightweight body type with only 14grams,feels comfortable even under long-hour wearing.

Product Specifications:
Product Name1MORE Piston Fit In-Ear Headphones
Model NameE1009
Line ControlYes
Length1.25 m
Wire MaterialsEnamelled Copper Wire
Connector Type3.5 mm
Speaker Impedance32 Ω
Sensitivity100 dB/mW
Frequency Range20-20,000 Hz
Rated Power5 mW

The price of the product is 999 INR. The product carry’s a 1 year warranty and is available at and 1MORE INDIA webstore and many leading store across India. Available in 4 assorted colours, the Piston Fit lets you pick from Deep Space Grey , Clear Lake Blue , Galaxy Silver and Rose Pink.

Optoma Presents the Ultimate 4K UHD Home Cinema Projectors

TV, movie and gaming fans can now enjoy impressive 4K cinema quality images in their own home with the launch of two new home cinema projectors from Optoma – UHD65 and UHD60. Ultra HD 4K resolution brings content to life with thrilling details, color, and contrast for a stunningly immersive experience.

With full 8.3 million on-screen pixels, Optoma UHD65 meets the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) requirements for 4K UHD and comply with the CTA High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible display standards. This guarantees razor sharp, vivid images capable of showing more details than standard HD – replicating the unforgettable experience of attending a digital cinema.

Gordon Wu, Assistant Vice President at Optoma APAC, said: “We are incredibly excited to launch our much anticipated first 4K UHD HDR compatible home cinema projectors, the UHD65 and UHD60. The advanced DLP single-chip design from Texas Instruments ensures absolute image integrity, delivering over 8 million pixels to screen. Without doubt the 4K UHD experience requires the biggest of images, which these two new projectors deliver at an affordable price to home users.”

Capitalising on the fast switching speed of the DLP chip with XPR technology and advanced image processing, Optoma UHD65 and UHD60 deliver 8.3 million pixels to the screen without alignment issues, especially critical at 4K, with four times as many pixels as 1080p. This brings ultimate clarity to home users.

For a truly future-proofed home cinema projector, both UHD65 and UHD60 fully support HDCP 2.2, the latest evolution of copy protection, so that users can enjoy the fast-growing choice of 4K content.

Equipped with Optoma’s Amazing Color technology, which includes an enhanced color wheel and multiple modes and settings to choose from, Optoma UHD65 and UHD60 offer users the freedom to select the best setting for the content. Each mode has been fine-tuned by Optoma’s expert color team to ensure superior color performance. Reference mode reproduces accurate Rec.709 HDTV broadcast spec colors – ensuring reproduction of cinematic color – exactly as the director intended.

The UHD65 also boasts sophisticated Pure Motion frame-interpolation technology. This advanced processing eliminates motion blur or image judder, even in high-speed action films or fast-paced sports. An RGBRGB color wheel provides accurate, true-to-life color- perfect for high-definition color reproduction. With its sleek black casing and 2,200 lumens, the UHD65 produces outstanding images for those looking for a dedicated home cinema projector.

At 3,000 lumens, the UHD60 produces bright images for life-like big-screen entertainment even with the lights on. Its gloss-white finish makes for discrete integration into any living space.

Packed with the latest features, Optoma UHD60 and UHD65 are whisper quiet and come complete with integrated speakers that provide powerful 8W audio, with exceptional sound quality. S/PDIF audio output is also included, enabling connection to external sound systems.

Set-up is simple with vertical lens shift and a host of connection options such as two HDMI ports and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) for compatible phones and tablets. In addition, the UHD60 and UHD65 can even be turned into smart projectors by connecting a HDMI dongle like the Google Chromecast™ or Amazon Fire TV to access popular media services and stream TV shows, films and video clips, play games and share photos on the big screen.

A full specification sheet for the UHD65 and UHD60together with information on the full product range, brochures and images of the projectors are available from

UHD65/ UHD60 Key Features
4K Ultra HD  – 8.3 million pixel detail for greater realism.
Amazing color – accurate Rec.709 colors, HDR compatible.
Lights on viewing –3,000/ 2,200 lumens and 1,000,000:1/ 1,200,000:1 contrast.
Digital connectivity – 2x HDMI, MHL and HDCP 2.2 support.
PureMotion – frame interpolation processing (UHD65 only).
PureContrast  – optimizes the brightness of the display during dark or light movie scenes (UHD65 only).
PureColor –significantly increase the image’s vividness (UHD65 only).
Easy set-up and operation – vertical lens shift, 1.6x manual zoom.
Integrated speaker for powerful sound.
USB power – to stream content via HDMI dongle.
Whisper quiet operation – 25dB (Eco mode).

Truecaller Launches Flash Messaging on iOS

Truecaller rolled out its latest update to iOS, bringing Flash Messaging to iPhones. With a simple swipe and tap, Flash Messaging is a shorthand way for users to communicate via pre-defined messages, phrases and emojis.

Over 41 million users have upgraded to the Flash-embedded version of Truecaller 8 for Android, and now iOS users can communicate with one-tap responses. Truecaller offers users who are unable to take a call or have a full conversation on text, a one-tap solution to answer yes-or-no-questions, share a location or call back. It also allows users to customize flash messages for in-built responses.

Simplifying communication into a minimalistic user interface, Flash Messaging helps users avoid cluttered SMS inboxes and ten-second calls. Another advantage of Flash Messaging is that looks like an incoming call, but unlocks as to be an incoming message, ensuring closure in communication. It maintains the urgency of a phone call with the effortlessness of a message, bringing simple answers to simple questions.

ViewSonic PJD7720HD LightStream™ Full HD Valued Projector.

ViewSonic Corp, a leading global provider of visual solution products, today announced the launch of LightStream™ PJD7720HD Full HD Valued Projector. Featuring 3,200 lumens, Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution, an intuitive, user-friendly design and a sleek chassis this projector is ideal for high definition presentations.

According to recent report from 6wresearch, Indian Projector (above 500 Lumens) market registered 0.13 million units in CY H1 2016, registering a considerable growth of around 38% compared to the same period previous year. With rising adaptation of E-Learning in the country, traditional classrooms are getting updated by whiteboards and projectors. India Projector market is rising steadily across various sectors such as Education, IT, Healthcare, Residential and others.

"As the leading experts in visual solutions, ViewSonic brings an unequalled depth of vision and customer understanding to this market. We are confident that LightStream™ PJD7720HD will be a hit with customers, as it is designed by focusing on quality, reliability and innovation. LightStream™ PJD7720HD combines the ease of using projector and delivers perfect visual experience for home entertainment. With a 1.49-1.64 throw ratio and 1.1x optical zoom, the PJD7720HD is ideal for entry-level home entertainment enthusiasts," said Eric Wei, Country Manager at ViewSonic India.

Featuring the SuperColor™ Technology, LightStream™ PJD7720HD offers a wider color range than conventional DLP projectors, ensuring that users enjoy realistic and accurate colors. With an exclusive color wheel design, dynamic lamp control capabilities and SuperColor™ technology this device projects images with reliable and true-to-life color performance, in both bright and dark environments, without sacrificing image quality.

SuperColor™ 6-Segment Color Wheel RGBCYW actually decreases the white color segment and increases the Cyan and Yellow segments for coating, breaking through the conventional method of color brightness enhancement. Exclusive RGBCYW Color Wheel used empowers LightStream™ projectors deliver 20% higher color brightness to one's eyes for normal images when compared to other same class projectors.

For compact and cleaner look PJD7720HD feature a PortAll™ compartment with an integrated and secure MHL/HDMI port that lets you discretely stream multimedia content from a wireless dongle, or lets you connect to other devices via an HDMI cable.Designed with two HDMI ports, this projector can display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players and a choice of 5 unique view settings provide the best possible viewing experience in any environment regardless of ambient light.

The Auto Power On and Smart Restart feature lets the projector automatically go to standby mode and save 30% more power. The ViewSonic's proprietary SonicExpert™ technology incorporates a 10W ported speaker chamber and a more powerful amplifier to deliver a full 20Hz - 20 KHz sound range and SonicMode offers optimized audio performance for speech, entertainment and standard scenario.

Paytm Mall in first ever online collaboration - LG enlists over 650 brands on stores

Paytm Mall has partnered  with LG, a leading consumer durable brand  to bring its authorized stores online. In this arrangement, Paytm Mall will provide an online platform for the consumers to visit and select LG products wherein, post purchase LG brand stores will offer faster delivery and authorized installation services at customers’ doorstep.

Paytm Mall aims to provide a convenient  shopping experience to its customers  from trusted brands like LG. The brand stores will ensure readily available products, fast deliveries and smooth installation services for Paytm Mall consumers, which will in turn yield higher growth.

Amit Sinha, Chief Operating OfficerPaytm Mall said, “Our goal is to support brands to leverage their existing offline distribution to cater to a larger audience which prefers buying from their trusted nearby shops. This partnership with LG will bring their 650 stores across 70 cities online and generate additional sales while also empowering the stores with richer customer data.”

Mr. Kim Ki Wan, Managing Director, LG Electronics India said, “Our collaboration with Paytm Mall will play a critical role in strengthening our presence in the country, by helping us serve online demand with offline supply. We are confident this partnership will emerge as  a fruitful  one and help us in serving our consumers in a much better and faster way.

Paytm Mall’s O2O (Offline-to-Online) platform will add convenience to consumers and brands alike. Brands will be able to increase their offline distribution sales while also making sure that their products are available to consumers online. Consumers get the benefit of buying products from their local trusted shops while also getting the same day or next day delivery.